Poetry Reading – Kemptown Bookshop

Longhill High School has a long running partnership with Little Green Pig, a creative writing charity based in Brighton and Hove, which invites students to be curious, take risks and value their voices.

Monday lunchtimes is when we host a creative writing workshop at the school, which challenges students to write about a set theme for the term. The topic for this term is Wellbeing & Mental Health. Our Students’ have chosen to write about their Head of Year, Glitter, Figures of Animals, the State of the World, Best friends, and Loss.

Performing as well as writing is encouraged at these workshops, where students are coached to project their voice, pace their delivery, maintain eye contact, speak with emphasis and introduce their work.

The best poems were selected and showcased at the Kemptown Book Shop, where fellow students, parents and the general public were able to attend.

The event went really well. We were represented by some incredible young poets (including a past pupil who surprised us by showing up and reading a new poem). Some students had only been attending the workshops for a short number of weeks and were incredibly brave by getting up and reading their poetry in front of an audience for the first time. We also had some of the more experienced poets forming a Q&A panel where they answered questions from Roy McFarlane and the audience. This even impressed Little Green Pig’s funders enough that we have received funding to continue the workshops.

Mx Lukas Dungey-Betts

You can see the full event here: https://youtu.be/jKBD6bi6WaE

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