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The Teen Tech Festival was held at the Amex Community Stadium, on 16th November 2023. It will be an interactive event designed to inspire our students about the contemporary industries shaping their future.

Students tried their hand at immersive challenges and experiments, handle cutting edge technology and, most importantly, spend time with engineers, technologists and scientists from a wide range of companies influencing their 21st-century lives.  

Longhill were one of the winners of the Best Digital Innovation Award at the Teen Tech Festival, held at the Amex Stadium on November 16th.  The winning team included: Zayd, Chinmay, Skyer, Harry, Josh, Malena, Zheng, Travis & Ryan.

Our team came up with an idea for a restaurant app to help cut down on food waste and to help those with allergies.  They worked in sub-groups to produce a design, marketing strategy and tech solution for their idea. Zayd delivered a fantastic 60 second pitch to the audience pulling together the overall idea.  

The team will be entering their idea in the Teen Tech Awards Competition; if successful, they could compete in the London 2024 final.  Many congratulations to the team – they were exemplary and wonderful ambassadors for Longhill School.

Ms French, Head of Computer Science

To discover more, visit: https://teentech.com/festivals/

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