Boys’ Dance Performance at Chichester University.

We are thrilled to inform you about an exciting opportunity for our Boys Street Dance Group, who will be performing at Chichester University, on Thursday 14th December 2023.  This event aims to inspire boys to engage in the art of dance and involves participation from various schools across Sussex. Our students will be accompanied by… Read more

Anti Bullying Ambassadors – The Diana Award

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On Tuesday 31st October we took a group of students to The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Programme. By attending the training, the students will learn some invaluable skills that will help the school to run a successful anti-bullying campaign. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme raises awareness of bullying behaviour and supports schools and young… Read more

Teen Tech Festival

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The Teen Tech Festival was held at the Amex Community Stadium, on 16th November 2023. It will be an interactive event designed to inspire our students about the contemporary industries shaping their future. Students tried their hand at immersive challenges and experiments, handle cutting edge technology and, most importantly, spend time with engineers, technologists and… Read more

Top of the Bench – Chemistry Competition

The ‘Top of the Bench’ chemistry competition will be held at Brighton College on 14th November 2023. Run from October to January, regional heats are organised and funded by Royal Society of Chemistry. The heats are set up to have broad appeal and are fully accessible. Past challenges have included practical tasks, written theory tests,… Read more