Stargazing 2023 – The Ogden Trust

On Fridays 1st December, we arranged a stargazing event in collaboration with The Ogden Trust. Hosting fellow secondary schools Hove Park, BACA, PACA and Patcham. We also welcomed our neighbouring Primary School Woodingdean to join the fun.

Students talking to a group of guests in the canteen
Talk about planets in the main hall
Register desk for stargazing event a Longhill High School

All visitors signed in outside the main hall and then were designated a chaperone from the science department. They were then split into three main groups. One in the canteen, building rockets and planetary drawings. Another in the hall for a presentation and one group out of the field looking at the stars.

A person looking through a telescope, while a person stands and observes.
Wide shot telescope set ups on the field, with people engaging in stargazing. 2
Picture of speaker, in the main hall

Presentations in our main hall were given by William Joyce on ‘The Planets’ and Darren Baskill on ‘Stargazing in Hawaii’. The canteen was serving hot dogs and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm and fed. The field contained 9 Astronomers who helped visitors map the stars and use the telescopic equipment.

Picture of hot dogs, covered in onions
Group in the canteen, participating in the craft activities
Hot chocolate in a recyclable cup

It was disappointing that PACA missed out on the event due to mini-bus issues but all attendees enjoyed the event and plans are in consideration to make this a yearly event in the Longhill High School Calendar.

Wide shot telescope set ups on the field, with people engaging in stargazing.
Shot of the night sky, shot at a low shutter speed
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