University of Sussex/Whitehawk Academy Transition Day

On January 26, 2024, Longhill High School was proud to host a transition event in collaboration with the University of Sussex, specifically designed for Year 6 students from City Academy of Whitehawk (CAW). The primary aim of this initiative is to encourage a greater number of students to pursue higher education after completing their compulsory schooling.

As part of a comprehensive two-year transition program developed by the University of Sussex, this event marks the beginning of a series of future activities planned for the current Year 5 students at CAW.

We are delighted to have representatives from both schools participating in this event. Ms. Haydock, Head of Year 7, and Rachel Otulakowski, Headteacher at Longhill, will be welcoming the CAW delegation. Chris Mason from the Widening Participation Team at the University of Sussex will inaugurate the day’s activities.

Acknowledging that transitions can be challenging, particularly for children, the first activity of the day focuses on bridging the gap between primary and secondary education. By exploring the similarities and differences between the two, we aim to help CAW students find commonalities with Longhill High School, thereby making their upcoming transition smoother and less intimidating.

Following a guided tour of Longhill High School, the Year 6 students will be divided into two groups. One group will engage in an interactive session in VCS, discussing essential items and attitudes to adopt for successful secondary schooling. Concurrently the other group will participate in a Q&A session in the school main hall, with current Year 7 students answering all their questions.

We hope that the students from City Academy of Whitehawk find their visit to Longhill High School both enjoyable and enlightening. We extend our gratitude to the University of Sussex for their pivotal role in organising this event and eagerly anticipate the participation of the Year 5 students in upcoming activities later this year.

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