Billy and Beyond

Billy and Beyond are a Worthing based drugs education charity. Last year they provided funding for us to have a Drugs awareness assembly for KS3 students from the charity the ‘Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation’. This year they have gifted us 10 copies of the script ‘I love you mum, I promise I won’t die’ which we will be teaching to our GCSE Drama students.

The play is the true story of a teenage boy called Daniel Spargo-Mabbs who suffered a fatal overdose whilst out with his friends. We have a strong connection with this play as some of our year 11 students performed the play a few years ago. We were also lucky enough to meet Daniel’s mother, and were featured on the news. 

Billy’s Story

Billy’s story is why Billy & Beyond exists. The charity strives to support and enhance children and young people’s mental wellbeing. Supporting individuals and families to thrive. They do this through increasing drug safety, awareness and providing a non-judgemental community to share your personal journey.

Billy was a bright, fun-loving boy then a young man with a flair for creating a unique style and fashion, well known for his modern twist on a 1970’s mullet! Billy wasn’t keen on academic education so after trying college he decided to start his working life in catering and although he didn’t stay in catering, it instilled a love for food both producing and dining.

After many years in lots of different hospitality settings, Billy settled in a career as a carer for adults with complex learning difficulties. A job that Billy really enjoyed and thrived in, much to the surprise of both Billy and his family. Billy had lots of friends, sharing many different interests, leaving a lasting impression on all those that he met.

The 9th November 2020 was Billy’s 24th birthday, he decided in the early hours of the following morning, after a few drinks, to take MDMA, after a short while his health started to deteriorate and over the next 2 days it rapidly declined and Bill suffered a fatal heart attack, 3 days after his 24th birthday.


Billy and Beyond have a big fundraiser coming up on the 6th April, we are walking from Brighton’s Sussex county hospital to Worthing hospital then getting a train to London to walk a further 12 miles to Kings college hospital. This walk travels through Billy’s life as he was born in Brighton, we moved to Worthing when he was 8, so he was taken to Worthing A&E then transferred to Kings where he passed away 3 days after his 24th birthday. The walk will be 24 miles long. Details on how you can donate are on the poster.

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