Little Green Pig – Longhill’s Crazy Writing Youth Podcast

On February 26, 2024, an exciting new venture into the world of literary expression took flight with the launch of “Longhill’s Crazy Writing Youth Podcast,” a vibrant showcase of poetry and spoken word created by young, aspiring writers. This initiative, brought to life by Little Green Pig, marked a significant moment for the young members of the Longhill High School community in Brighton. The launch event was a resounding success, drawing a large crowd that included many of the collective’s members, supportive investors, and dedicated mentors.

For two enriching years, a group of exceptionally talented students at Longhill High School has been fervently penning poetry and spoken word pieces as part of a lunchtime club. Their creative journey has now culminated in this podcast, which offers a platform for these young poets to share their work with a wider audience. Listeners are invited to tune in and experience the depth of talent within the Young Writers Collective by following the link:

The podcast is a treasure trove of poetry and interviews with the young writers, aged 11 to 16, delving into their motivations for joining the collective and revealing the passions that fuel their creative endeavours. Guided by the esteemed poet and workshop leader, Roy McFarlane, these young voices tackle a wide array of themes—from the bonds of friendship and the exhilaration of football to the liberating power of self-expression. The inaugural podcast episode, expertly hosted by Henry and Eden, promises to be the first of many, providing a platform for these young writers to explore and express their unique perspectives.

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