Mental Health Champions

Longhill High School is proud to announce its participation in the esteemed Mental Health Champions programme. This initiative, a collaborative effort with Public Health Schools under the Brighton and Hove City Council, has been making significant strides over the past five years. It boasts a history of active involvement from numerous schools and colleges throughout Brighton and Hove, demonstrating a strong community commitment to mental health and well-being.

Our appointed champions are set to lead dynamic, peer-led workshops designed to foster an open dialogue about mental health. These sessions aim to empower students to pinpoint critical mental health issues impacting their peers within the school or college environment. More importantly, the initiative encourages the creation of student-driven solutions to these challenges, actively working to dismantle stigma and cultivate a culture of positive mental health and well-being.

The Mental Health Champions programme has a track record of inspiring meaningful change. Through the dedication and creativity of its champions, the initiative has successfully implemented a wide array of actions. These include effective strategies to combat bullying and discrimination, initiatives to enhance sleep hygiene, the establishment of safe havens for students grappling with anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed, the removal of gender labels from school uniforms to promote inclusivity, and comprehensive support mechanisms for students navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each action is a testament to the programme’s capacity to effect real, positive change in the mental health landscape of our schools and colleges.

By joining this programme, Longhill High School underscores its commitment to not only addressing the mental health issues that affect our students but also to playing an active role in shaping a supportive, understanding, and inclusive school environment. We are eager to see the positive impacts our champions will bring to our community, reaffirming our dedication to fostering a safe and nurturing space for all students.

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