What’s your superpower? – Empowerment Workshop

On Tuesday, 27th February, our Year 9 Geography students had the privilege of participating in an enlightening empowerment workshop held in the main hall, organised by Watch This Sp_ce in collaboration with Rampion Offshore Wind.

Watch This Sp_ce, known for their commitment to fostering a more equitable society, joined forces with Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, a beacon of sustainable energy production currently generating enough green electricity to power approximately 350,000 UK homes—nearly half of the residences in Sussex. This partnership underscores a shared vision for a future where innovation and inclusivity drive societal progress.

The workshop was spearheaded by Longhill High School alumni, Kaia Allen-Beven, who now leads engagement initiatives for Watch This Sp_ce. Drawing from her rich experience and insights, Kaia guided the students through a series of exercises designed to help them uncover their unique strengths and personalities, understand the dynamics of effective teamwork, and begin crafting a vision for their future selves.

Highlighting the critical yet often overlooked statistic that individuals who leverage their strengths daily are three times more likely to experience an excellent quality of life, the workshop aimed to inspire students to identify and utilize their inherent talents. Despite the potential for increased life satisfaction, it was noted that only 17% of people feel they use their strengths most of the time.

The session was further enriched by a captivating video presentation from Katie Scanlan, the Stakeholder & Visitor Centre Manager at Rampion. Katie shared her educational background and career journey, shedding light on her ascent to her current role and Rampion’s commendable efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion within the company. She also explored the myriad career opportunities available within the offshore wind industry and outlined potential career paths for those interested in this growing field.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Watch This Sp_ce and Rampion Offshore Wind for conducting this workshop. Their contribution not only empowered our students but also broadened their understanding of the diverse career possibilities awaiting them beyond their Geography GCSE. The session left our students feeling inspired and better equipped to navigate their future career paths with confidence and purpose.

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