Inspiring the Future in Technology – Bank of America

On Friday 9th June were given the opportunity to attend an in-person event at the London office of the Bank of America, with the theme of Inspiring the Future in Technology. This was an exceptional chance to speak to a range of people currently at the Bank of America in a variety of different careers in technology.

The trip provided a unique chance for 30 of our students to take part in a Speed Networking event; students found out information about the bank, programmes for young people and got a chance to meet 9 volunteers in technology roles. 

The volunteers talked about their career journey, educational background and gave some career advice, students also had the opportunity to ask questions. We hope this day will go some way towards informing student’s decisions about Further and Higher Education options, along with ideas for careers in the future.

The Bank of America event ran from 10am until 12pm, afterwards we walked to see several London sights which included St Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard, The Golden Hind, the river Thames and London Bridge.

I would like to share with you the news of a recent trip in our school. The group of 30 Long Hill students were invited by Bank of America to take part in their workshop about a bank. We travelled by train to London and after a short walk, without any major navigational issues, we eventually arrived at the impressive Bank of America building. The venue was grand and we were all excited to see what was prepared for us. The aim of the meeting was to demonstrate how math and other subjects, along with personal interests, can lead to a wide variety of job opportunities in an institution like a bank. After a short presentation by a representative from the bank, we were able to talk in small groups to some of the bank employees. This was definitely the highlight of the meeting, as each student had the opportunity to ask their own important questions. Each group got to speak with more than 4 employees, each with different experiences, from different sectors of the bank, which made the conversations even more interesting.

Before heading back, we managed to visit the art museum – Tate Modern. We also took the opportunity to see Borough Market, where we found some great food stalls. The whole trip was under the beautiful summer sunshine, and everyone seemed to be a little tired at the end of the day, but still in a brilliant mood, as there was so much to experience and see. We are hoping to create this opportunity again next year, as it was simply a sublime trip for our year 10. Well done to everyone who took part and to the next year.

Ms Wood

Visiting the Bank of America in London was a good opportunity to discover more jobs that I could do in my Future. We spoke to multiple volunteers from the company who informed us on their role in banking and what to expect in the industry. It was a great experience to talk to employees and find out about the Bank of America. I found the history of the company really interesting, and enjoyed the food!


The people helping us were very helpful. They explained all of the job opportunities and all the internships, including explaining the required hours and how things would work if you applied. The trip made me realise that there are loads of opportunities to work for places like the Bank of America.


I found listening to workers within the economic sector explaining their experiences with banking particularly interesting – I found their individual insights helpful in understanding the general banking experience.


I really enjoyed the Bank of America because it was really interesting to talk and interact with people within various different roles in the bank. I thought it was really interesting to hear about an apprentice’s school schedule and how it differed from the normal university route. Also, I really enjoyed the trading game at the start – it felt really educational too!

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