University of Sussex – Maths Experience Day

We offered a group of Year 9 students the opportunity to attend an in-person event at the Falmer campus of the University of Sussex on 22nd June 2023. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about applications of maths outside of the classroom.

Across the day we explored three major mathematical of notions of geometry, probability theory and arithmetic in a series of activities and presentations. These are very versatile theories that are incredibly useful even when we least expect it.

First we watched a magical presentation, which combines all three in fun ways in order to create magic tricks. Then, we saw how modern board games such as Dominos, Dobble or Set are created using geometric notions such as graphs and projective planes. Finally, we discussed the Monty Hall paradox-a famous counter-intuitive result in conditional probability.

We hope the day will go some way towards inspiring student’s passions about mathematics, along with ideas for Further and Higher Education options in the future.

Across the day, we explored varying mathematical ideas including the Fourth Dimension, Tiling Infinite Planes and Probability. We discussed how maths is still an evolving subject, and made patterns out of a shape that was only discovered this year. Lunch was accompanied by a campus tour, and then followed by a math-e-magics show that uses mathematical tricks and probability to pull the wool over our eyes! The day was a great opportunity to see the world of academic mathematics and begin to understand where a degree in maths would take students.

Mr Maton
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