Jamie’s Farm – Residential Trip

We are pleased to announce an upcoming residential trip for our students to Jamie’s Farm, scheduled from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February. Jamie’s Farm uniquely integrates agriculture and therapeutic practices into a transformative five-day residential program. The primary objective is to equip students with the tools to excel academically, socially, and emotionally, both during their school years and in their future endeavours.

At Jamie’s Farm, students will engage in a variety of activities, each designed to foster personal growth and development. A typical day may include farming, forestry, culinary activities, equine care, hiking, and gardening. These experiences are built upon a foundation of therapeutic support, set within a nurturing family-like environment.

To document this enriching experience, photos and videos will be taken and shared with the students six weeks following their stay at the farm. Additionally, in an effort to promote self-confidence and goal setting, students will have the opportunity to write inspirational postcards to themselves, reflecting on their aspirations and future achievements.

For further information about Jamie’s Farm and the unique opportunities it offers, please visit their official website at https://jamiesfarm.org.uk/.

Cows lying down on a field, with the fun setting in the distance.
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