Brighton and Hove Youth Council: Mental Health Convention

Longhill High School is at the forefront of an innovative effort to enhance mental health services for young people in Brighton and Hove. The school has been selected to participate in the Brighton and Hove Youth Council’s Mental Health Convention, a significant event hosted by Cardinal Newman School.

Scheduled for the 22nd of March, the convention will assemble student representatives from various local schools. These delegates will engage in a series of workshops designed to provide insight into the mental health challenges young people face within the city. Moreover, the event offers a platform for students to voice their concerns and propose solutions for improving their quality of life.

Recent statistics highlight the urgency of addressing mental health issues amongst the youth: as of July 2021, one in six children aged five to 16 has been identified with a probable mental health problem, marking a substantial increase from one in nine in 2017. This equates to an average of five affected children in every classroom. Furthermore, a survey commissioned by YoungMinds and conducted by Censuswide reveals a critical gap in mental health support accessibility; two-thirds (67%) of young people expressed a preference for alternatives to GP visits for accessing mental health services. However, over half (53%) reported being unaware of how to seek help outside of this traditional route.

The Mental Health Convention represents a pivotal step towards bridging this gap, empowering students with the knowledge and resources to tackle mental health challenges head-on. Longhill High School’s participation underscores its commitment to not only fostering academic excellence but also ensuring the well-being of its students and the broader community.

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