Let’s Dance 2024 – Idealistic

“Let’s Dance” is a vibrant festival that unites young dancers from 75 schools, groups, and colleges across Brighton & Hove and the surrounding regions for an unforgettable performance on stage. This event stands as a grand celebration of school dance and claims the title of being the largest event of its kind in the UK.

With the participation of over 2,000 dancers aged between 5 to 18, along with numerous young leaders assisting behind the scenes, “Let’s Dance” significantly contributes to motivating the youth to adopt active lifestyles. The event promises fun, fosters a sense of community, and offers a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Representing Longhill High School at the “Let’s Dance” event at the Brighton Dome will be the Unity Dance Group. They are set to present a compelling performance titled “Idealistic,” which delves into the critical issue of the unrealistic expectations set by social media influencers. This performance aims to spark a conversation about the impact of social media on self-image and the importance of authentic self-expression in today’s digital age. It’s a topic that resonates deeply with the current generation’s challenges in navigating identity and self-worth amidst the pervasive influence of online personas.

We will be performing on Wednesday 20th March, 7-9pm.

You can book tickets here: https://brightondome.org/whats-on/V7I-lets-dance-2024/

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