The School Day


The school day begins at 8:15am with morning registration / mentor time.

 8:15  Warning Bell
 8:20  Registration / Mentoring
 8:40  Period 1
 9:40  Period 2
 10:40  Break
 11:00  Period 3
 12:00  Period 4
 13:00  Lunch
 13:45  Period 5
 14:45  End of School


It is expected that all students aim to attend school every day. Below is a leaflet from Brighton and Hove which provides some interesting statistics on the consequences of absenteeism.


It is expected that all students arrive at school in good time and that they arrive for every lesson/mentor time/assembly on time.


Students have a weekly assembly either lead by their Head of Year, Head of House or a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).