Every student will have a core offer of subjects that are compulsory to all Key Stage 4 students; these are:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science – for the majority of students this will be double science which equates to two GCSEs. Students can study triple science by selecting this as one of their option choices.

In addition, all students will continue to have core PE and PSHE & RE lessons every week; these are non-GCSE subjects but are compulsory.

Students will have to choose four different option subjects. All students must choose at least one of the following subjects – Triple Science, French, Spanish, Computer Science, Geography and History.

Students are also advised that in order to study for Higher Education such as university, many courses require students to cover the subjects needed for The English Baccalaureate. This means students should study both a language and a humanities subject. This will be discussed at the options evening.

Year 9 Option Evening 5 – 7pm

On Thursday 18th January we are holding our option evening. We would like all parents, carers and students to arrive at 5pm. The evening will start with a presentation about Key Stage 4 options, and then you will be free to talk to teachers in our ‘Options Marketplace’. Part of the evening is also a 5 minute appointment with a member of the senior leadership team to discuss options and ensure your child is on the right pathway for their GCSEs. Bookings are now open via the portal as usual. You only need one appointment with one member of SLT, it does not matter which member of staff you book with.


Monday 15th January
Assembly by Mr Holland to Year 9 students: ‘How the Options Process works’.

Tuesday 16th – 19th January
Assemblies by faculty and department leaders to Year 9 students.

Thursday 18th January 
Year 9 Options Evening 5-7pm

Friday 9th February
Deadline for options forms completed online

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s mentor.

For detailed information about the OPTIONS PROCESS : click here


Year 9 students should use this booklet as a guide to help them decide about their options.


Videos & Presentations for each subject are also available below:

Art/3D Art:   https://youtu.be/vl0hwLIN6us

Computer science  and Creative iMedia:   https://youtu.be/yK6SsgTZFhc 

Child care:    https://youtu.be/xP6RGrK23m8

Dance:      https://youtu.be/NMuum8_Ubeg

Drama: Presentation

Design Technology, & Food and Nutrition:    https://youtu.be/oyB7BWIu4hc

Double or Triple SciencePresentation

GCSE PE:   https://youtu.be/x2VXeUqK0s8

Geography:   https://youtu.be/CGliMWxQLig

History:   https://youtu.be/chcNK3AmdZ8

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL):  https://youtu.be/9LahdPV3AFU

Music:   https://youtu.be/AuWnuqBye_M

Performing Arts:   https://youtu.be/0cGnnAjoe1I

Religion & Ethics:  https://youtu.be/ckjf8DSNwrQ

Sports Studies:   https://youtu.be/5NG2EF6TFqE

Options forms will need to be submitted by Friday 9th February 2024.