Work Experience

Work experience is a period of time that a young person spends working in a company as a form of training; a short unpaid period of time, to gain experience of a working environment.  This is undertaken as part of their career education. The type of job they try is not meant to be a career choice but many young people use the opportunity to have a go at something they are interested in. They find it is useful even if it is not exactly what they expected.  It can provide a great opportunity to try something new and different and to see what they can find out about themselves in the process.

Placement Process and Paperwork

Work experience happens during the summer of Year 10 for 5 days. During that 5 days all students in Year 10 are at a place of work for the whole 5 days. Students will need to find their own work experience placement. Preparation for this week happens in PSHE lessons where application letters and CVs are written. More information is sent home during this time, and copies of forms are available to download on the website and from student services.

Finding a placement

We encourage you and your child to seek out a work experience placement.  Student’s will need to create a C.V. and contact companies directly to enquire about a placement. Examples of previous placements include local banks, hairdressers and other local businesses in Woodingdean.

At various stages during the process of finding and starting a placement there will be a requirement for parental consent and signed agreements; however, we must emphasise the main responsibility for the organisation and action should lie with your child.

If you have any questions, or would like to submit a form please send it to