Extracurricular and enrichment programme

Longhill High School have a thriving enrichment programme and we see this an essential part of promoting employability, academic attainment and teaching young people the skills they need to make good choices.

  “Character is important – a CV may get you the interview, but character will get you the job.”

Time Peake

Encouraging our students to get involved in school life creates a community ethos within the school and, as a result, fosters development of further skills, such as team-work, communication and commitment. Developing pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths will allow them to succeed in education, work and society.

Lunch & After School Clubs Timetable


In-school activities, perhaps participating in after school clubs, becoming a member of a sports team or learning a new instrument, becoming part of the Student Leadership team are all great enrichment activities for students to participate in.

The programme can boost self-confidence, develop leadership skills, instil self-motivation and can evidence good time-management. Away from the pressure of passing exams, enrichment extends students’ education and personal growth. It is all evidence of how a student has a wide array of skills and achievements beyond their subject grades.

Sports Club Timetable


Not only can any participation in our enrichment programme look great on a CV when our students apply for higher education, jobs or training schemes, but the transferable skills learnt throughout the programme are significant.

We work closely with our careers advisors and external providers such as local colleges, University of Brighton and the University of Sussex to ensure we give our students appropriate guidance in their next steps after their career at Longhill High School. For further information please see our careers page here: https://longhill.org.uk/academic/careers/.

Enrichment Week

At the end of the Summer Term our Year 10s have an annual Work Experience week, and Years 7, 8 and 9 have a full Enrichment Week, or the chance to go on Camp.

Furthermore, our extracurricular and enrichment programme is a fantastic way to increase our students’ enjoyment of school life and help engender an inclusive, community spirit within the school.

Enrichment Week Timetable

We ask that students are all encouraged by their parents/carers to fully participate in what Longhill High School have to offer.

For 2024 Enrichment week, sign up using this Google form the deadline is 19th April: