Student Houses

The house system at Longhill is a system steeped in history, from the original houses named after Sussex castles, to the new house system of Dome, Laines, Pavilion and Pier.

Every student and staff member are allocated a house to represent, as it is a great way to build a sense of pride and responsibility within a school environment, with every person contributing towards their house’s success.

I am proud to have been selected to represent Pavilion as Head of House. I applied for this role as I want to increase participation in school activities beyond the classroom.

I believe that students who get involved in these activities will improve their experience during their time at Longhill and this will lead to greater pride in the school and themselves.

I aim to create a house where every student wants to get involved, make the most of their time at school, and be proud that they are a Longhill student.

Mr Hinks Roberts
Head of Pavilion

Other Heads of Houses will be decided soon and this page will be updated accordingly.

Student House Events