Headteachers’ Choice – Fine Art – Canteen

During the Art Exhibition last month, the Headteacher choose her favourite work of art from our graduating students, to be displayed in the KS3 Canteen. She chose the portrait of Angela Davis by Katey Latham. Angela Davis became a master scholar who studied at the Sorbonne. She joined the U.S. Communist Party and was jailed… Read more

Canteen Closure – Refurbishment

To give appropriate time for the refurbishment of the Canteen to be ready for the next school year, we are closing the Canteen next week (June 19th 2023) for the remainder of the term. We will be serving food out of the Year 11 Canteen and devised a rota to minimise the wait time for… Read more

Re-opening of The Basement

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We are happy to announce that we are reopening the basement for grab & go items during lunch breaks. This will help to reduce waiting times during lunch giving students more time to socialise and engage with clubs and sporting activities.

Canteen Focus Group

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Today (Friday 24th February) a group of students met to discuss how they can help with the redevelopment of the canteen at the school. This will be a long-term project, which will involve increasing the size of the Year 11 canteen, renovating the main canteen and re-opening The Basement. The Basement will serve grab-and-go items… Read more